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What is Emerald?

Emerald is a brand new social network designed to bring new people together.

How it works

Emerald is a tool to help you meet people from around the world.

Emerald can match you at random to a conversation with a stranger.

You can also join our popular group chatrooms to meet people.


Emerald has the following features:

1. Conversation matching Meet strangers from around the world.

2. ModeratedOn Emerald we have site moderators who make sure Emerald is a clean and safe place.

It's their job to make sure you have a great experience here.

3. Bot FreeUnlike many similar sites who have serious bot related issues Emerald is a 100% bot free meet people service.

4. Group ChatroomsFind groups of people based on interests such as Anime, Roleplaying, Gaming and more. Talk to groups of people in one of our many public chatrooms.

5. Social networking tools Emerald is a complete social network. You can add friends, send private messages, make posts, customize your profile, upload pictures to your photo album and much more.

6. Create and join Groups In Emerald, our groups are called parties. You can add your friends to a party and customize it. Build chatrooms within your party and create a community.

What makes us different

Unlike most social networks, instead of connecting with people you already know; Emerald is for meeting and connecting with those you don't.

Why not sign up and give us a try?

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